The Hotel and Travel Week #3

Monday, 2nd November

Rotana Hotels announces plans to open the tallest hotel of the world in Dubai in December 2009. The Rose Rayhaan Hotel will rise 72 storeys at a height of 333 meters and offer 481 rooms, suites and penthouses.
Tuesday, 3rd November
Priceline’s The Hotel Negotiator becomes the #3 free travel application on the Apple Store. Featuring William Shatner, the application has a Shake Down function whereby shaking the device establishes the traveler’s location and performs a winning bids search for hotels in the surrounding area. The application is available for iPhone and iPod touch.
Wednesday, 4th November
The world’s biggest budget airline Ryanair announces a profit of 387 million Euros for the first half of 2009. This means an 80% increase in profits. At a time where airlines struggle, the announcement came as a surprise. Reasons mentioned were, business travelers increasingly using budget airlines as well as Ryanair’s additional charges such as check-in and luggage fees.
Thursday, 5th November
One of the big sticking points in the ongoing feud between Choice Hotels and Expedia is last-room availability. It requires hoteliers to make every room available to the OTA. Hoteliers say, this effectively renders revenue management ineffective. A survey by confirms that it is hardly standard operating procedure in the hotel industry, although the controversial practice is becoming increasingly prevalent.
Friday, 6th November
British Airways plans to cut a further 1,200 jobs after a loss before tax of £292m ($485m) within the 6 months up to September. This is the first time BA announces such a loss over the summer period. BA says the reason is that all airlines are facing the same pressure during this recession. 2009 is said to be the most difficult year in the history of the aviation industry.


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