The Hotel and Travel Week #18

Monday, 12th April

There is currently only one 7-star hotel in the world – Burj al Arab Dubai, although several others are in planning or already being built. If investors follow through, there will be two more in rather unlikely locations: Nairobi and Istanbul. Shangri-La and a Turkish business conglomerate signed an agreement last week to build a 14-storey luxury hotel in Istanbul, with 7 storeys below sea level. The hotel is forecast to open in 2012. International investors are also planning a 7-star hotel in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.
What about 6-star hotels, though?
Tuesday, 13th April
Four Points by Sheraton announce an amazing offer on Tuesday – Breakfast for a Buck. Guests who book a participating hotel in the U.S. and Canada can request breakfast for only 1 Dollar from now until 30th September.
Wednesday, 14th April
A report by the Future Foundation, commissioned by predicts a new type of holiday by 2020, a holiday promising complete isolation from the modern world. As people become increasingly well connected, and exhausted by the wealth of technological updates, these breaks will offer tourists ‘the simple life’, allowing them to get back to nature and cut off phone signals and broadband.
Thursday, 15th April
The first Armani Hotel at Burj Dubai / Burj Khalifa is now to open on 21st April. Covering an area of 269,000 sq ft, across the concourse, ground floor, levels 1 to 8 and levels 38 to 39 of Burj Khalifa, Armani Hotel Dubai has 160 rooms as well as 8 restaurants, an upscale lounge and spa. Armani Hotel Dubai’s opening will be followed by the launch of Armani Hotel Milano in Italy, Armani Resort in Marrakech, Morocco and Armani Residences villas in Marassi, Egypt.
Friday, 16th April
European flights are being grounded for the 2nd day after the eruption of Iclandic volcano Eyjafjallajoekull. Airlines are losing some USD 200m a day in the biggest airspace shutdown since World War II. Many countries and airlines have grounded their fleets for fears that the ash, a mixture of glass, sand and rock particles, could be catastrophic to aircraft.
About 2/3 of the 28,000 daily flights are cancelled on Friday, while only half the usual number of flights between Europe and North America operate.


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