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Monday, 3rd October 2011

Thompson Hotels and boutique hotel operator Joie de Vivre Hospitality announce that they have merged into a new venture provisionally known as JT Hospitality. This is the first step in creating a global, multi-brand lifestyle hotel group with plans to increase the number of properties from currently 45 to 75 within 3 years.
Thompson Hotels is an international collection of 12 luxury lifestyle hotels, while Joie de Vivre mainly runs boutique hotels in California.
Tuesday, 4th October 2011
Best Western International launches their ‘Virtual Accelerator‘ Facebook application. The app lets Best Western Rewards members, who like the Facebook page, take a spin behind a digital wheel. Players can win rewards points, redeemable at Best Western hotels. The group say they will give away a total of 10 million points via the application, which is the equivalent of more than 1,200 free nights.
Wednesday, 5th October 2011
Several airlines have to cancel flights to and from Greece as as the country’s air traffic controllers join a 24-hour general strike.
Thursday, 6th October 2011
News about the death of Steve Jobs, Apple founder and visionary, break and tributes are being posted throughout all social networks. The 3 top trending topics on Twitter are RIPSteveJobs, #ThankYouSteve and #iSad. Apple set up a special email address on their website for people to share ‘thoughts, memories, and condolences’:
Thank you, Steve Jobs for having had the vision of bringing solutions onto the market that were truly innovative and solved problems we didn’t even know we had, products that make working with them easy, playing with them fun and that let us see the future!
Friday, 7th October 2011
The French government orders online travel agent Expedia to pay a fine of €427,000 for ‘misleading marketing practices’. According to a French court ruling Expedia was displaying incorrect information on hotel room availability, incorrect contact information for hotels and inaccurately described standard rates as promotional discounts. The French hotelier federation Synhorcat initiated a complaint with the government about Expedia’s practices which led to the ruling.

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