Google Testing New Sitelink Design

Google seems to be testing a new sitelink design in their search results.
If you need a reminder what sitelinks currently look like, here an example, highlighted in pink:

I’ve seen the new sitelink design on yesterday while searching for hotels in Berlin. However, it has now disappeared which means Google must be testing. Shame, that I haven’t taken a screen shot of the Grand Hotel Esplanade Berlin search results in time!
To give you an idea, here is another screen shot of a U.S. Theme Park from Moz:

The new design structures the sitelinks much more clearly and the frame around it makes them more obvious. In fact, this natural search result looks pretty much like the Google knowledge graph on the right or the Google+ profile which is displayed in the same place if a verified Google+ profile of the company exists. The tested sitelink design also takes up a lot more space and will so push alternative search results further down the page.
I’ll be watching out for more testing and keep you up-to-date.
Let me know if you come across similar occurrences, please!


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